Kevin Mason-Thompson is the CEO of Pivotdia and has a passion for Consulting, Competitive Intelligence, Funnel Optimization, his unique “Quantify Framework Formula” and growing up start-up businesses online.

For the past 7 years he has been successfully promoting a range of Lead Generation and Performance Marketing offers. Kevin has even trained and helped over 3,000 successful Entrepreneurs and Private Clients learn his proven strategies, so you know you are in the hands of a REAL expert.

He is also widely respected and regarded as one of the smartest Marketers by his peers and has a number of best selling awards to highlight his knowledge, and expertise.

To get the best results Kevin, has learned from a range of experts in their own specialist space for marketing that gets results, and has gone out into the trenches and tested, and perfected them in order to get a direct response approach which allows businesses to take action based on hard proven data.

Pivotdia’s aim is to help SME established digital business, achieve growth in sales, customers and profits through focusing on increasing their overall customer value by creating strong marketing framework and strategies.

All while keeping a focus on direct marketing, Kevin has developed over the previous years, working on his personal businesses and developing those of private clients.

The overall strategy includes a combination of several different areas and can be implemented to new start-ups but has the best effect when used on existing businesses that currently are generating traffic, and sales to their websites, and when his strategies are combined can be extremely effective.

  • Generating more Leads & Customers
  • Identifying when to present new offers
  • Targeting users that are highly interested in your offers
  • Leveraging market intelligence
  • Increasing average order values for more profits
  • Correctly communicating with audience so they become Raving Fans
  • Uncovering lost Business by creating a Framework that identifies growth opportunities

Depending on where clients businesses are, Pivotdia can input all their steps or focus on areas that will get the most growth based on expertise and clients goals.

If you intend to take your Business to the next level, by taking advantage of strategies that will allow you to implement proven marketing funnels, competitive intel and Framework’s all while avoiding wasting months to figure things out, then you need to get in contact with us to see how they can grow your Business, starting today!

Kevin Mason-Thompson

CEO: Pivotdia | Quantify Framework Formula

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